GCh Shumaker Hills Seas the Moment HSAs HIT CGC

DOB: August 27, 2009
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Breeder: Kathy and Michael Wagner

Sire:  Ch Mahagonny's Unforgettable PT CD RN JHD
Dam: BISS, 2009 National Specialty BOSS Ch. Shumaker Hills Turn the Paige

 OFA: BT-5573G24F-VPI / EL-2803F24-VPI,
CERF: BT-358250, Thyroid: BT-TH59624F-VPI
No seizures
CHIC #76175
Scissors bite/full dentition

Sylvie earning her PT at Labor Day 2011 herding trials

Sylvie Herding

Sylvie - 14 mos - BOS - BBTC 2010 specialty Puppy Sweepstakes

Sylvie Sweepstakes


Sylvie - 9 months

5 months


11.5 weeks

Sylvie - 10 wks - first time on ducks.....

Sylvie at 9.5 weeks


Sylvie at 8.5 weeks

Sylvie at 7.5 weeks





May - we traveled to shows in Marietta, OH - Sylvie won two 4-pt majors!  She now has 11 pts.

Labor Day weekend - she earns her PT.

September - Finger Lakes shows - another 4-pt major and she finishes her CH!  The next day she is moved up to specials and goes Select for her first 3 GCh points.


October - BBTC specialty - Sylvie was Puppy Sweepstakes BOS.
Labor Day weekend - Sylvie earned her first herding title and 1/2 of a second. She is now Shumaker Hills Seas the Moment HT (and 1/2 PT)
September - Finger Lakes shows - Sylvie was WB/BOS for 2 points. Sylvie now has 3 points toward her Ch.
July - Springfield shows - Sylvie was WB/BOW for 1 point.





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