Our News for 2004


As of October, 2004

  At the ABTC/BBTC specialty weekend, Goldie got her third leg for her Am CD.  She got 1st placement in Novice B both days.  So she is now BISS/BOSS Am/Can Ch Waldenmark's Golden Espresso Am/Can CD HIT HIC CGC.
During the weekend, our wonderful veteran Jake won Best Veteran in Sweeps and also won the Veteran class in breed.  He will be 14 yrs old on Dec 7 !!!

As of September, 2004

  Goldie and I traveled to Portland ME in pursuit of her Am CD.  She got 1st placement in Novice B class of 19 both days with scores of 196.5 and 196!  Two legs down - one to go.

As of August, 2004

  Keya - Waldenmark's Dbl Keyed at WindyPt - who just turned 1 yr August 4, is now a Cdn Champion.  She finished this weekend in Brockville Ontario and her grand finale was getting pulled in group!!!!  Congratulations to Heather and Keya.  Heather now has her sights on shows in the US.

  Also, Heather told me that Captain - Waldenmark's Capt Tea WindyPt Cdn CD - has his CKC Novice Agility, coming in 1st in all three trials and recently won a weavepole challenge - 46 weavepoles - and he nailed them all.  Captain has also completed advanced Rally O and is now going into excellent.
Congratulations on all these wonderful accomplishments!!

  In Maine, Waldenmark's Double Play - Amelie - went WB from the 12-18 mo class for a 4 pt major and then went on to win the breed, making it a 5 pt major!!!!  So now Miss Amelie has 9 points.

As of July, 2004

  Kingston Ontario.....Goldie and I make our debut in the obedience ring.   Three consecutive shows, Goldie gets her Cdn CD.  She is also first in her class all three trials.  However....that's not the BIG news.  In her very first trial on Saturday ....... Goldie goes HIT (High in Trial) !!!!!!!   I can't tell you how proud I was of her and getting that huge blue and white ribbon was just totally amazing, unexpected, and thrilling.
  Waldenmark's Dbl Keyed at WindyPt - 'Keya' - won the breed over 3  specials - going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for 3 points.  She and Heather then went into the puppy group competition and won Best Puppy in Herding Group!!!!
On Saturday, Keya went Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for another 2 points.
Congratulations to Heather and Keya.


  Waldenmark's Double Play - aka Amelie - in her third weekend out, got another point toward her Ch by going WB.

  Ch Waldenmark's Chocolate Chip - aka Chip - won the breed at the San Antonio shows on Sunday.
  BISS/BOSS A/C Ch Waldenmark's Golden Espresso HIC CGC - aka Goldie and mom to the Chocolates and Doubles - was out and about on a recent circuit here in NE and had several breed wins and came home with two group placements - a G2 and a G3.  Yesterday's G3 was given to her by Edeltraud Laurin, a long-time breeder and judge.  Goldie, who hasn't been out that much this year, now has 4 group placements - 2 G2s and 2 G3s.

As of June, 2004

  Waldenmark's Double Play, aka Amelie - got BOW over the winner's dog (also a puppy) and also Best Puppy in Breed.  In the Puppy Herding Group competition, she won a Group 4!!!!
On Sunday, she did have competition - from the open bitch class - and she got WB and BOW for her first point!!!!  She was again Best Puppy in Breed as well.  What a cute little munchkin!!!!!  I was very proud of her.
Amelie lives with Lydia just two hours south of me and so I have the pleasure to take Amelie with me and show her.  Many thanks to Lydia for loving and nurturing this lovely puppy girl.  Amelie was Miss Purple in the Double litter and is the 3rd puppy in the litter to be 'pointed'.


  Ch Waldenmark's After Eight CD is now a Can champion as well, capping it with a Group 3!!!!  'Jeeves' is owner-handled through all of his achievements by John Amsden with Sue cheerleading him all the way.  (Chocolate litter)

  Am/Can Ch Waldenmark's Heaven Sencha Can CD now has a Am CD behind his name as well!!!  'Jaspar' is also owner-handled through all of his accomplishments by Mary Hinote with Kirk and Kristina standing ringside cheering her on.  (Tea litter)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! and many thanks for your love, care and dedication to these 'pups'.

As of May, 2004

  We had a very busy weekend......we went to Ottawa, Canada for the OKC shows at the end of May and sandwiched in the middle on Saturday evening was a wedding in Montreal!  But we did it all.

But the one who really did it all was Jake.  Jake, who will be 14 this year managed to wow the crowds with his joie de vivre, showmanship, and his movement.  There were 20 veterans entered - evenly divided in 7-10 yrs and then 10+ yrs.  Some very lovely veterans in the ring all with proud owners at the end of the lead.  Watching them can and does bring tears.  I must say that when I went in the ring with Jake I was very proud of this grand old guy.  He showed with all his heart as he always has and you could tell he loved every minute of it.
In our age group there were some lovely dogs/bitches who moved beautifully around the ring.  Since we were last in line I could watch them all.  Then we went around and Jake just turned it on.  It brought tears to my eyes to see this dog give it his all.  Strong and true he moved out in front and you could tell he was enjoying it all.  We came to a stop and he stood proud and tall with all fours planted just right and his ears and shining dark eyes alert and waiting.  What a moment!!
He won the 10+ age group - and I was proud.
Then we went back in with the 7-10 winner - a lovely Sheltie.  Again we went around and up and back and then around again.  You might well imagine how I felt when the judge walked up to us and gave the Best Veteran ribbon to Jake!!!!
Again I was proud .... and tears fell from my eyes over this wonderful dog who never quits and who only has known one way to do things .... with his whole heart.


As of April, 2004


  Tea litter boy - Ch Waldenmark's Kashmiri Chai - aka Ozzie - went BOS on Friday, April 9 and BOB on Saturday, April 10 in Perry GA.  

Congratulations to Ozzie and all the Withrows!!!

  Double litter boy - Waldenmark's Double Barrel - aka Gunner - was RWD to a major on Friday, April 9 and was WD on Saturday, April 10 from the 6-9 month class, for a 5 point major at the Harrisburg, PA shows!!!!

Congratulations to Gunner and Stacee!!!

  Kirk, Mary and Kristina Hinote went to Sherbrooke Canada April 2,3,4 with Ch Waldenmark's Heaven Sencha and Waldenmark's Fudge Delice in tow.

  Ch Waldenmark's Heaven Senca - aka Jaspar - and Mary were entered in novice obedience.  Jaspar won his Novice A class in 3 shows and got his Canadian CD!!!
  Waldenmark's Fudge Delice - aka Grace - and Kristina took winners bitch each day and best of winners 2 days and came home with 6  points toward her Canadian CH.
Congratulations to the Hinotes and the 'pups' on a fantastic weekend!!
  BOSS Ch Waldenmark's Master Blend CD CGC HIC AKC/AOM - aka Max - got Best of Breed both days and a Group 3 at the Birmingham AL shows.  Max is owner-handled by Tommy and Anji Perrymon.  Max is litter brother to BISS/BOSS A/C Ch Waldenmark's Golden Espresso HIC CGC.   Both are direct offspring to our Jake - BIS BVIS A/C Ch Kognac's Stars for Jungle Jake Cdn CD Am UD HIC CGC.
Congratulations to Anji and Tommy and Max!!

As of March, 2004

  Syracuse shows 3/26-27:  Waldenmark's Double Jeopardy - aka Leo - went in for his debut with Kim Vent who is showing him for his family - Diane, Doug and Alexander - and won BOW both days for 2 points!!!!

  Pittsburgh shows 3/27-28:  Waldenmark's Double Barrel - aka Gunner - and Stacee made their debut and won RWD to a major!!!  Congratulations to Gunner and Stacee.

  Our Mini Wire-hair Dachshund, Wally, was BOW at the New Brunswick, NJ shows on March 21 and is now CHAMPION Laurs Bam  Bam Rubble.

  Ch Waldenmark's Chocolate Chip won the breed two out of the three days at Fort Worth TX shows March 19-21.  Congratulations to Chip and Theresa!!

As of February, 2004

  At Monticello shows in Kingston NY, February 27-28: Jake - aka BIS A/C Ch Kognac's Stars for Jungle Jake Cdn CDX Am UD HIC - was entered in a veteran event this weekend.  In a group of 25 veterans, Jake - who will be 14 this year - went BEST VETERAN IN SHOW!!!!  He was awesome.  Here's a toast to Jake and to all his kids and grandkids - may they all have his spirit, good health, and enjoyment of life!!!

  Goldie - aka BISS/BOSS A/C Ch Waldenmark's Golden Espresso (who will soon have some letters behind her name too) - in her first weekend out since puppies last year, got back-to-back group placements.  A group 2 and a group 3!!!!

  In the non-Terv category, our little mini wire Dachsie went WD/BOW for a 4 point major - his 3rd major and needs only 1 point to go.  What a cute little munchkin he is  :-)


   Ch Waldenmark's Tea for Two CD - aka Tia - owned, trained and loved by my friend Carol Black in NJ, recently earned a 197.5 and a 2nd placement in a competitive Novice B entry of 42!!
Congratulations to Carol and Tia!!!!


As of January, 2004

  'Tia', who is owned, loved and trained by Carol Black in NJ, got her CD in 3 trials - 192, 198 (for a 1st placement and High In Trial), and 195.5 (and a run off for 4th).

  Meawhile, in sunny Florida, 'Wally', our mini wire hair Dachshund, who went with us on vacation, gets his 2nd major at the Sarasota shows.  He now has 10 points including both majors.  CLICK HERE to see Wally.







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