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February 22, 2002 - August 21, 2013


Shopping with my humans - it's exhausting

Walking on the beach (cars were allowed but I wasn't!! - Go figure!!)

 Helping Goldie find a good napping position

Getting Stella the Wildchild under control

Keeping Goldie company while waiting for her 'Double' babies to arrive

Socializing puppies

Well ... It's all in a day's work ... Somebody's got to do it.



OK.....I know.....he doesn't look like a Terv but the color is right.  :-)
You see, he came to visit and then I had to go to Texas for 5 days.
I told Jay to just regard him as a visitor.

Well two days into my trip,
the 'visitor' is sleeping in bed with Jay with pillows all around the bed so he doesn't fall off :-)
Then he's sleeping in bed with Jay curled up in his arm.  :-)
Then he's napping on Jay's lap while he's working at his desk.  :-)
Then he's on the agility equipment on our training field.  :-)
Then 'he's so cute' and 'how can I not get attached'.
Well, there was only one solution....the 'visitor' has become a permanent member of our family
and my 6'2" husband is totally smitten by this 8.5 lb 8 month old mini wire hair dachshund, aka Wally.
He has already begun his obedience training.
Watch for this dynamic duo in the obedience ring!

Jake thinks it's another puppy to train.
Goldie thinks it's another puppy to take care of (see picture).
Stella thinks it's a wind-up toy.....she play bows and then lies down, rolls over, and she and Wally play.
Roy says 'oh, another dog'.

Our little Belgian wannabe wins everyone's heart no matter where we go.
We thought we'd put him in a couple of shows just to see how he'd do.
Well, he took breed both days over certainly more ring-savvy dogs than he.
He's been out just a bit and already has two majors and as of 1/04 has 10 points.
I guess he's kinda cute.





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